Field Data

Loading and management of Field Data and the Country Notebook (CN) for each agricultural lot of interest.
Field Data Menu
The drop-down menu "Field Data" provides access to different pages related to the management of field data and the Country Notebook (CN).
This reminds that the individual agricultural lot is the management unit of reference for all functionalities related to Field Data.
Drop down Field Data menu
  • "+ new" allows to upload/create a new field data.
  • The Field Data page allows viewing, creating, and managing field data related to the selected lot: it is the main page for field data management. This page will be empty or inaccessible if we have not created at least one agricultural lot through the dedicated wizard that can be activated from the Lotto dropdown menu.
  • The Field Data Graph page allows building a customizable interactive graph for displaying field data already uploaded for the selected lot.
  • The Calendar page allows the representation of the field data already uploaded for the selected lot in a calendar view.
  • The Print Country Notebook page allows printing the customizable Field Notebook for the selected lot.