Map and Weather

A map where it is possible to display the location of my measuring stations and consult large-scale weather forecasts (regional, national).


  • The icons on the map indicate the position of single measuring stations; if you have multiple measuring stations available, you will see multiple icons on the map. You can zoom in and out using the + and - buttons at the bottom right.
  • The buttons at the top left (map, satellite) allow you to change the style of the displayed map.
Placing the mouse over the icon of a station, the name of the selected station will be displayed; clicking on the station icon takes you to the Dashboard page of the selected station.

Weather forecast on the map

Weather forecasts on the map can be viewed by activating the Weather button at the top above the map.
When viewing weather forecasts on the map, it is recommended to use the zoom function to position yourself on a Region or National scale and not on a too local scale. This page is designed to display large-scale weather forecasts. Detailed, georeferenced weather forecasts for your own weather station, are instead available on the Dashboard page.
By clicking on the icon/button at the top right of the map, you can select the type of data/forecast to be represented on the map (rain and temperature are the values of primary interest in Agriculture). A legend at the bottom of the map indicates the unit of measurement and the chromatic scale legend of the selected data/forecast.
The Play button (at the bottom left of the map) starts a video that graphically represents the forecasted data for the next few hours/days. The same button can be used to stop and potentially restart the video.
Video Tutorial WiForAgri: Map and Weather